Thabisa Baby House

Thabisa Baby House NPO 2017/217305/08
Leondale, South Africa Phone: 011 866-2045
About Us

We are a registered, temporary place of safety with the ability to look after babies from birth until 3yrs old. We strive to take these abandoned babies from their hopeless situation into a place of joy by giving them the much needed love, care and attention that they need. As we are only a place of safety, our final goal is to put these babies into happy, forever families through adoption. We use a private adoption agency, called Abba Adoptions Specialists. They do all the social worker side of this ministry from bringing the babies to us, to finding them families. This frees us up to just concentrate on the care of the babies.

We exist to stand in the gap for these children - Fight for their futures and bring them joy!

How We Started:

A Calling:
I (Cindy Neilson, Manager) was born and raised in a Christian home. My dad is one of the pastors of Community Bible Church and is also a missionary and an evangelist who lives by faith.

At a very young age I received Christ as my personal Saviour. At the age of 13, I went on a youth outreach camp where one of the things we did was visit detention centres. I remember walking into a room full of cots in one of the detention centres and babies lying in those cots. I was heartbroken! There was no place to play and very little love. They spent all their time in those cots only being taken out to be changed or eat, for the ones who could not hold their own bottles. It was on that camp that I first felt God call me to work with unloved and unwanted children.

It took me many years before God could bring me to a place where I was ready for such a ministry. In 2013 at the age of 25 I went to work at Refilwe Community Project out in Lanseria. Their Baby house is called El Roi Baby Home. I worked there for 4 years, as one of their house mothers and assistant house manager.

During those 4 years I learnt more than I ever could in a classroom or out of a book. I dealt with fevers, sick children, babies in hospital, and taking in babies from their mothers. It was the most rewarding time of my life and I knew this is what I want to do with my life.

In 2016 God really burdened my heart to open my own house in Leondale where I grew up. I approached my church (Community Bible Church) and asked if they would get behind me to do so. They were very interested and wanted to help in any way they could. This brings me to the house.

The House:
The attainment of this house was a true miracle, which cemented in my mind and heart that God was behind it all. Different church member formed our board and Thabisa Baby House became an officially registered NPO in May 2017. We worked on different options for where to house the babies but there was just one delay after the next as far as a house. Then in the early part of 2017 my parents moved back to my father’s childhood home leaving the church house empty. This house used to be the church manse and the home in which I grew up. Oddly enough, it was in this house that I always imagined my baby house. The church took a vote to allow us to renovate the house and make it into the baby house. When this vote was taken we had R11 000 to our name. I left Refilwe Community Project on the 15th of September and was able to spend a month with Botshabelo baby house learning some different ways and procedures.

We started building in late September and were finished all the renovations and all the painting by 2nd December when we held the house opening. All this without going into debt! God provided all the money needed for the building and the supplies. All the painting was done by willing hands at no cost. The 2nd was a great and memorable day where our church, friends and supporters gathered around to dedicate the house and the babies who would pass through it.

We did not however get any babies until the 12th of January when we got our first two little boys. It was a long December of learning to trust that Gods timing is perfect about everything not just buildings and paper work.
I don’t know what God has for my future but being able to run Thabisa Baby Home is what He has for my present.