Thabisa Baby House
NPO 2017/217305/08
Leondale, South Africa
Phone: 011 866-2045

About Us

We are a registered, temporary place of safety with the ability to look after babies from birth until 3yrs old. We strive to take these abandoned babies from their hopeless situation into a place of joy by giving them the much needed love, care and attention that they need. As we are only a place of safety, our final goal is to put these babies into happy, forever families through adoption. We use a private adoption agency, called Abba Adoptions Specialists. They do all the social worker side of this ministry from bringing the babies to us, to finding them families. This frees us up to just concentrate on the care of the babies.

Below is a beautiful adoption story written on the 10th November 2020 by the Adoptive Mother of our precious Baby B


From left: Tlotliso, Mom, Thoriso, Ausi Mama


I decided I was going to adopt when I was very young in my life, I must have been between the age of 10 -15 when I took the final decision in my head, and naturally growing up it would cross my mind but I just did not give it too much thought.

Age 31, I want to be Mom, so I do what is necessary to fall pregnant. Consulted with one of the best in South Africa in Pretoria East Hospital. At the end of 2 years I have gone through 3 failed IVF, diagnosis of Empty Follicle syndrome, hormones not in par with my age and the fertility Specialist says to me: “There’s Nothing I can do for you any more”. And so when 2012 came for me to be a Mom, and despite fertility treatment I had just one egg, the golden egg that fertilised against all odds, I knew with certainty that my 2nd child will be adopted. My spirit was settled.

2018 October 26, God showed up for me again. My second child was born and although I did not know about it, God had my back. You must believe that God works everything together for your good. When I finally decided that it was time to be a Mom again, Abba Adoption Agency became my new home. Wonderful people and God bless the fruits of their work. The process started in June 2018, and by 2nd April 2019 my child, Thoriso (Praise) was HOME, she was 6 months only.

Now here is the real story about adoption:

1. Will I love a child I did not birth myself?

Yes, you will, and you can, that’s just how God created you, to love and nurture.

2. Will the love for the child be instinctive?

Yes, in certain aspect, and in others, No. That happens even with birthed children. Work on your fruits of the spirit.

3. Will I be angry at the fact that she’s not mine?

The thing is she/he is yours. When my 2 year old looks at me, I realised that she looks at me just like her older sister looks at me, with expectation of affection, they both want a warm hug, kiss, tickle, smile and ENJOY Me, so enjoy your child today.

4. How do I discipline?

With love, compassion, remembering all the Oprah shows about abusive parents and the destruction that comes with it. I tell my kids all the time that I Love you especially when you are naughty. They must know that I will show up.

5. What if my kids do not get along?

The truth shall set you free. I am 42 my Sister is 7 years younger than me and we still fight. Because I have to empower both my kids emotionally and tongue wise : Tlotliso has the right to feel her feelings and not eat them away BUT she also has to learn how to control her tongue because life and death reside there.
Thoriso must know that her birth story into earth will bring her attack and persecution. Others will want to make her feel inadequate and unloved and she must know we all belong and own the ground we stand on. If others get upset because of who I am then they better get ready to see God show off.

6. Grace and Mercy

You see Thoriso is really blessed and she blesses everyone she is connected to. Ponka as we passionately call her has 5 moms. Her Biological Mom who loved her enough to realise that she needed help to raise, I appreciate her for making me a mom. Cindy and Stacey her forever mom’s that nursed her from 1 week to 6 full months. My sister, her Aunt whom she calls Mom (they are tight). Her hugs are rather more favoured than others  and it is a beauty to watch, and then Me. I love you even when you are naughty, because that is when I have to die from myself and show up.

7. Can I adopt?

Can you love? And can you forgive yourself? If you answered yes to these Q welcome to loving world. And, Yes, even single mommies can adopt. If you can love, you can adopt as many babies as you want…. I think. don’t fear the UNKNOWN.

Now that is our truth about adoption, and we would change Nothing, God’s Glory and Mercy cannot be changed